Compact System - Moray

Moray, a name from the image of terraced circular depressions, it is common in Inca ancient empire in South America. The design helped people to cultivate different seasonal crop at the same period.Moray, as its name, it can provide people from different regions a pure and clean water at any season, any place, and any moment.


A. Terrance top cover
A perfect place for your tool set.

B. Buckle structure design
No tool needed to open the top cover.

C. Ergonomics outlook
Streamlined shape and lightweight design with style and practicality.

D. Small pump
In the past, the big size of pump always occupies the space of under counter. Moray uses small pump to solve this disturbance!

E.  Two types of model available 
The plate prevents the damage of property caused by leakage of drop.


About Moray

About Moray

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